Friday, July 30, 2010

Monthly issue.

So much for wanting to start writing again. Haha.

Never really found the spare time and energy to begin writing. Discounting the time I spend to work, interact with people (instead of computers), interact with computers (games, not anything else constructive), eat and sleep, there's just about nothing left. Or so I think.

Okay, I admit. I'm lazy.

There hasn't been anything much else going on. Work is generally fun. *Note the lack of enthusiasm. Haha. But it's not really all that bad. Just a few bad sheep in the flock, which are easy to ignore.

My 4D numbers have been missing by a single digit lately. Is it telling me to continue buying them because I'm almost there? Or is it trying to tell me to stay away since I'm always going to miss them again? Maybe I should save that few bucks a month and get myself a happy meal.

Not been saving as much as I want to. Batam trip next week, and a few other expenditures here and there. Hopefully things will work out by the end of this month!

Wow I'm beginning to realise how disjointed my thoughts are.

Going for a good meal tomorrow! Expect an update to make you hungry!

Friday, June 25, 2010

New start.

It's been a year since I left off writing. An abrupt end, and a beginning just as abrupt. Fitting.

So I deleted 6 years worth of text and posts, but not before re-reading most of them. And there's no going back on all those deleted posts now though. Pretty much like life, and I was never really good at making decisions. Well, I had to, and I did: that's all that matters, right? Maybe.

Will I regret it? Maybe. But leaving it there is redundant, because I don't think anyone will be, or will want to see them ever. And I must admit, there were more angry, or not-so-happy posts. I guess that's what you call "teenage angst". Haha.

It was pretty hilarious seeing the happier posts from before though. Makes me think of all the fun I had, all the emotions I went through. I sound so mellow and stoic now. Haha. I guess this is what age does to one. And of course, looking back at the past, I guess you're able to see what you had, what you lost. Every time I think of each close friend that I have lost(contact or otherwise), can't help but feel a little helpless. Well, some things are not as simple as just "giving him a call", or "dropping her an sms". I guess life still goes on, albeit a little less brighter.

I must say that the past year had been an interesting one. More so for my growth as a person. Graduated from the University, tried to get a job, but couldn't decide what I really wanted to get into. It was going to be my "career", and one wrong move and I'm stuck there for my whole life. Whole life. That's a long time to be anywhere at. Got a little down with each passing day without a purpose. Netted myself a pretty awesome job in the end, but we'll have to see where it brings me from now onwards.

I wonder how many people are still lurking around here somewhere. Did a quick check and the 30 people on my list only had like 10 still being active. Time to do some housekeeping. I wonder who reads these now anyway, but oh well.

Sleep time.